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10 Best South Asian anti-aging creams

10 Best South Asian anti-aging creams

The older we get, the younger we would all like to look. As we grow older, the age of cells is primarily visible on the face. Since our skin today is at the mercy of many forces like the sun, pollution and alcohol intake, aging is quicker as well. In your early 30s and 40s you can notice your skin gradually getting rough, becoming slack and losing its elasticity. However, you can take steps to make your skin stay supple. South Asian products have been a rage as far as skin care is concerned. This is because you might have witnessed how flawless and young South Asian women look. And, many cosmetic companies have noticed this and as a result, the secret of youthful skin is brought to your door step in the form of South Asian anti aging products. Here are few anti aging skin care products on range that would turn back the clock on your skin’s age:

Goodal Keratina Anti-Aging Double Serum: This unique product serves two functions it acts as an effective skin resurfacing serum by increasing cell turnover of the outer-most layer of skin, keratin, and it’s packed with high levels of raspberry extract and natural seed oil, so it also works as a nourishing face oil. It hugs your skin tightly, ensuring that no moisture is lost throughout the night.

Erborian Elixir Au Ginseng: This lightweight essence instantly penetrates the skin, quenching your skin’s thirst and allowing it to absorb the rich blend of antioxidants and botanical extracts. With 20% oil (a mix of sweet almond, sesame seed, and soybean oil), it provides intense hydration that will plump up the skin and blur out fine lines.

Sulwhasoo Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Cream EX: The product of the brand’s extensive and unique bio-conversion technology, the balm contains ginseng’s essences, producing an ultra-hydrating anti-aging cream to rebalance, restore, and strengthen the skin’s natural regeneration and defense mechanism.

Belif-The True Cream Aqua Bomb: A gel cream made with antioxidants, plantain, and oak husk, it can be used as morning and night balm for a burst of hydration, minimizing the appearance of enlarged pores, and improving skin elasticity.

Amorepacific Time Response Skin Renewal Serum: Made with a time response complex, this renewal serum works to regulate collagen and melanin production, so that the skin stays hydrated while the elasticity strengthens.

Missha Time Revolution First Treatment Essence: Featuring Saccharomyces ferment filtrate, a member of fungus family that has been proven to destroy odor-causing bacteria, this formula improves elasticity in the skin, providing users with glowing complexion.

Etude house Moistfull Collagen Facial Toner: This gentle yet effective toner is enriched with super collagen and Baobab water to provide moisture while re-balancing your skin’s PH level. Plus, its gel like formula is quickly absorbed into the skin and works well on every skin type, from dry to combination and oil, giving your complexion a natural and healthy glow.

Erborian Bamboo Waterlock: The unique bamboo sap and bamboo fiber formulation works together to lock in moisture, helping your skin feel supple and refreshed. This bamboo scented gel will have your skin feeling softer, smoother and soothed.

Missha Time Revolution Immortal Youth Cream: This luxurious cream helps slow down visible signs of aging, eliminates dryness, promotes firmness and elasticity, while fighting wrinkles, dull complexions, and environmental damages, leaving you with revitalized and protected skin.

SU:M37 Water-full Timeless Moisturizing Cream: This product is designed to moisturize skin and increase the density of moisture using four fermented ingredients: Bamboo water contains amino acids that are beneficial to the health of the skin. Red clover flower extract promotes skin vitality. Hibiscus flower extract helps retain moisture. Gold-silver flower has a pore minimizing effect.