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3 most expensive TVs in the world

3 most expensive TVs in the world

Gone are the days when the TV was just an idiot box lying in one corner of your living room. Now it’s the time of smart TVs. These TVs add to the grandeur of your living room and serve as a piece of pride and luxury.

And that piece of prestige can cost a very high sum. Check out this list with some of the most expensive TVs in the world.

  • Stuart Hughes TV: The Prestige HD Supreme Rose Edition from this company was the most expensive TV in 2010, and it is still one of the most expensive ones available. Priced at USD 2.25 million, this TV is a treat to look at. Forget the screen; you will be spellbound even with the body of the TV. This TV has a solid frame weighing 28 kg. The frame is made of 18-karat rose gold. It is embellished with 1-carat round-cut diamonds. The number of diamonds is not just 5 or 10, but 72.
  • Titan Zeus TV: Priced at USD 1.6 million, this is one of the most expensive 4K TVs in the world. The TV screen is as large as a football goal, giving you an excellent cinematic viewing experience. It measures 370 inches diagonally, which means that you need a huge room to accommodate this TV. Viewing pictures on its gigantic 4K screen is an experience you will never forget. This TV is packed with some of the best features and offers you something that none of the other 4K TVs will be able to match up to.
  • Panasonic Plasma TV: The TH-152 UX1 is a plasma TV from Panasonic. It comes with a price tag of USD 5 lakh. This TV might not be the newest or most advanced technological model, but it’s worth the money you spend. It was launched in 2010. The 152-inch TV gives promising life-like images and transports you to a different world while you watch. It has a native resolution of 4K x 2K, which is one of the greatest among 4K TVs.

Once you look at these epitomes of luxury in real life, you will surely forget all the latest 4K TVs and other technologically advanced models.