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3 natural ways to cure dizziness

3 natural ways to cure dizziness

Most of us experience dizziness at some point in our lives. Dizziness is a feeling where you feel lightheaded, unsteady, and somewhat disoriented. In some dizziness can lead to fainting. While many feel dizziness to be an actual disease, the truth is that it is only a symptom of an underlying problem.

Usually, dizziness can stem from a variety of reasons like head injuries, vision-related issues, anemia, neurological disorders, allergies, low blood pressure, anxiety issues, and the like. While dizziness must be taken seriously, often it is caused due to bodily changes. For instance, many people complain of being dizzy when stressed, after rigorous exercise, because of dehydration, or due to hormonal changes. One of the most common reasons of dizziness also includes motion sickness. Therefore, it is important to identify the primary cause of dizziness. If you are confident that your dizziness is due to minor issues like motion sickness, read on. Here’s how to cure dizziness in three natural ways.

Practice deep breathing
In cases when dizziness stems out of issues like stress and anxiety, practicing deep breathing is one of the best ways to cure dizziness. Deep breathing helps provide a good amount of oxygen to the brain that in turn relaxes the nervous system and reduces dizziness significantly.

Keep yourself hydrated
Often, dizziness may be caused due to dehydration.While it can come about because of lack of having enough water for the day or not hydrating the body enough during or post-exercise, often diarrhea and vomiting make you lose fluids. In such cases, it is important that you have ample amount of water through the day to cure dizziness. If you do not like drinking plain water, you can consider squeezing in some lemon. Lemon is an excellent way to cure dizziness and feel refreshed and energized.

Eat something
Frequent sufferers of dizziness are diabetics who often wonder how to cure dizziness for good. Since low blood sugar often makes people with diabetes feel dizzy, an excellent way to cure dizziness in people who are prone to it can be eating something energizing at regular intervals. It is important that you carry foods that are rich in carbohydrate or sugar, fruits with high water content, or a handful of roasted walnuts, almonds and, cashews wherever you go. Keeping the stomach empty for long hours is one of the most common causes of dizziness and should, therefore, be avoided.