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3 popular colleges that have incredible pet houses

3 popular colleges that have incredible pet houses

Pets are an incredible addition to the family; you simply cannot stop yourself from clicking pictures every time your cat does something weird, or when your dog finally learns to play fetch. People consider pets to be their family, and separation from the pet can be equally distressing. This happens when you finally decide to leave for college, especially if you will be residing in a student dormitory. However, you can avoid this stressful situation by applying to colleges that have Pet Houses (pet-friendly dormitories). Several universities have modified their policies about students having pets in the dorm rooms, and these pet-friendly colleges are a respite for people who cannot leave their pet behind.

So, take a look at some of the best pet-friendly colleges where you and your pet are welcomed to reside in the student dorms.

Eckerd College
The Pet House at Washington & Jefferson College owes its establishment to Eckerd College. The officials from the Washington & Jefferson College went to Eckerd to check how well their Pet House functioned, and after witnessing how clean and well-organized the Pet House was, the officials accepted the proposal for a Pet House in their college. At Eckerd College, students can get their family pet to the dorm after the first semester. In fact, there are 8 separate Pet Houses at Eckerd where students can live with their dogs, cats, and even ducks! Smaller animals can even dwell in cages or tanks in the halls as well.

Lees-McRae College
This college allows its students to bring their family pets and support animals to reside with them on-campus once they complete two semesters in the college housing. Moreover, this college has several Pet Houses and allows the students to bring all conventional types of pets to the campus. In fact, even the staff and faculty members are encouraged to bring their pets to the campus. Lees-McRae College is one of the popular pet-friendly colleges you can apply to.

Stephens College
Stephens’ has been allowing its students to bring their pets to the campus for more than 10 years! In addition, students who cannot bring their pets to college can participate in the pet-friendly community by fostering pets from the local shelter until the time when the pet can find a forever home. This initiative has been welcomed by students and local animal shelters alike as it gives the homeless animals a new lease of life.