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3 popular dog DNA test kits that yield accurate results

3 popular dog DNA test kits that yield accurate results

Everyone is quite familiar with the concept of DNA testing which is used to find out one’s ancestry and family heritage. We have often seen how DNA tests have helped catch criminals (on-screen and off-screen) and the dramatic effects of the same. The curiosity to learn more about oneself has prompted humans to include their furry best friends as well, which is why there is a marked increase in the demand for dog DNA test kits. Unlike human DNA testing, the entire idea of dog DNA tests focuses on the desire to know the different breeds of dogs that are in literally inside your pet, especially, if it is of mixed breed. Dog DNA tests are quite useful as they check the dog for any gene-specific disease or disorder and you can seek timely treatment right away.

As there are a wide variety of dog DNA test kits to choose from, you’ll need help figuring out the best one. So, take a look at the popular dog DNA testing kits and make the right decision.

Embark Dog DNA Test
The Embark Dog DNA Test Kit is extremely popular with pet owners as it yields highly accurate results and the reviews for this dog DNA test kit confirms the same. This kit tests for more than 200,000 canine genetic markers and can identify at least 160 genetic or hereditary conditions that can affect dogs. Also, it offers highly accurate identification of breed ancestry and the test results are confirmed and validated by respectable organizations. The Embark Dog DNA Test Kits are known to provide a detailed graphic representation of the dog’s karyogram or chromosome mapping and includes the vet’s report of the genetic summary of the particular breed.

Mars Veterinary Wisdom Panel 2.5 Breed Identification DNA Test Kit
The Wisdom dog DNA test kit is quite effective though it offers limited DNA profiling assessment tools. Once the tests are conducted, the results are delivered in two to three weeks and are accompanied with the certificate to authenticate the breed lineage of your canine. One of the key features of this dog DNA test kit is that it tests specifically for the MDR-1 gene. Additionally, it helps you identify your dog’s susceptibility to adverse drug reactions and offers highly accurate breed identification compared to the visual comparison.

DNAffirm DNA Dog Breed Test
This is a relatively simpler dog DNA test kit and doesn’t involve all the extra features the above two dog DNA test kits can offer. However, if you are looking for an affordable dog DNA test kit, then DNAffirm is the right choice for you as it doesn’t compromise on the authenticity of the reports. This dog DNA test acts as a simple breed determination kit and offers a customized breed certification that is accompanied by a vet report. The report includes the breed composition of the canine and the complete genetic background.