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3 popular types of bedroom closet systems

3 popular types of bedroom closet systems

The idea of a closet in itself is a riveting one. More and more people now choose to have a closet system in their bedrooms, as opposed to a wardrobe where clothes are simply folded and kept. These bedroom closet systems alone have blown up the market in the past decade – owing a lot to cult phenomenon movies from Hollywood.

A closet system is nothing but a collection of parts that help you set up a closet in the most efficient and aesthetic manner possible – these are most preferably set up in the bedroom for ease of use. Of course, where there are bedroom closet systems, there are various designs to choose from as well. These are a few types of closet systems – hopefully, this list will help you pick a closet system or at least narrow down your search.

Elfa Bedroom Closet System
Of course, any closet you pick has to have enough variations in colors and patterns, so that you can buy one that matches your interior decor the best. The Elfa Closet System is unique because you install it either in an existing closet or make it freestanding – making this a great option if you’re looking to rent a closet. It comes with a set of hanging rods and shelves, alongside adjustable drawers.

Considering it’s freestanding feature, it’s the sturdiest and most customizable closet out there. The price ranges anywhere from $300 to $3000, especially if you include the service of installment as well.

Easy Track Closet System
This is, hands down, one of the most affordable closet systems out there. It has a very minimalistic design that helps store your clothing and footwear. There are a few differences in the designs, but in general, there are 3 or 4 hanging rods and a number of shelves. You also get to pick from minimal color schemes – light wood, dark wood, and white.

It is also easier to install than other bedroom closet systems and gets the job done – regardless of where you put it. The prices can go from about $160 to $1000.

The California Closet System
If luxury is what you’re looking for, then it simply cannot get better than California Closets. They provide you with customization and versatility. If carving out space for a closet is an issue, then you can rest assured that this closet system will maximize every little nook.

You have to do very little, since a specialist is sent to your home, and they will assess the size and design, and give you a price bracket. The installment will be done for you as well. All this comes at a luxurious tag of $1500 to about $5000.