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4 aspects to know before purchasing the best home audio speaker

4 aspects to know before purchasing the best home audio speaker

Do you want better sound quality out of your entertainment system? Then you can obviously think of getting a home audio speaker or home theater speaker system. This is especially important for new age high definition smart TVs as the speaker capability is quite minimal for the sleek and slim size. Before deciding which home audio speaker or home theater system is best for your entertainment system, consider some aspects for the better understanding.

Types Of System

A proper home audio speaker system includes two floor standing speakers or bookshelf speakers along with a center channel speaker and a pair of surround sound speakers as well as a subwoofer. It’s a 5.1 system means 5 speakers with one subwoofer. There is 7.1 system as well that has two additional speakers. For Dolby Atmos system, more speakers are added upwards or downwards from the ceiling part for creating an astonishing three-dimensional audio effect. A single package is available for this kind of home audio speaker system and these are most often created while keeping the furniture aesthetics in mind.


Not everyone prefers a pre-packaged setup, for them customizing and building their own system is also there. But for obvious reasons, it needs understanding the components as well as involvement. As a beginner, tailoring the system can be the stepping stone for fulfilling personal needs, for example, a movie buff may be very much particular regarding the center channel speaker whereas a sound or music enthusiast can be choosy with respect to customized two floor standing speakers. In a limited space, in-wall or in-ceiling home theater speaker system is appropriate. Watch for different options as per the need and then figure out which is the best for you.

Layout Understanding

Understand the layout or design of your living room before buying any home audio speaker system. The center channel speaker must be positioned above or below the TV screen with a facing position towards the listeners. For a standing position, place the edge on the finishing end of the stand to avoid wonky sounding dialogue. The bookshelf speakers must be placed either on the side of the TV with a minimum 6-feet distance, and keep them at the same distance from the TV screen. In case of surround speakers, these should be placed a bit above and behind the viewing angle, nearly 3-feet above the heads of the hearers. For an in-wall system, installation demands expert work.

Sound Bar

It’s not a total foolproof idea like a full-out surround sound system but provides an additional benefit beyond the conventional speakers of the TV. And they actually give a strong virtual sound in a tight, single-speaker device. It’s the best idea for smaller spaces. It comes with minimal wires, in the sleek design, you can snag one with Bluetooth and play your favorite tracks from your smartphone. For a party ambiance, add a subwoofer to the soundbar for low bass frequencies and move anywhere within the home.