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4 different types of health and safety signs

4 different types of health and safety signs

It is not uncommon to see the various warning and caution signs. You can see them at work, on construction sites, and in malls. But, there are multiple safety and warning caution signs with different messages. Not to mention, different signs have different colors. Each color and sign used on a caution board represents a different message. In this article, we shall break down the messaging behind most signs that you may see in everyday life.

  • Prohibition signs

Prohibition signs are signs that tell you not to do something. The message behind these signs is to show danger. They are red in color and have a black pictogram on a white background. Prohibition signs are circular in shape to mimic a full stop. Common prohibition signs include no entry, no unauthorized personnel, no smoking, no parking, and do not operate.

  • Warning signs

Warning caution signs are the second most common sign in day-to-day life. These signs simply exist to warn you of certain dangers. They don’t tell you what to do or not do. They warn and caution you against certain dangers that you should know. The signs are generally triangular in shape and yellow in color. The triangle has a black border, and the pictogram is also black on a yellow background. Common examples of warning caution signs include danger 440 volts, fragile road, caution slippery floor, mind the step, and caution hot water.

  • Safe condition signs

The safe conditions safety signs are also a common sight. This sign depicts safety or how one can stay safe. Due to its messaging, these signs are typically green in color. They are rectangular or squared in shape and are completely colored in green. Not to mention, the pictogram is completely white. The symbols on these signs typically portray actions, explicit directions, and interactions with machines, and other hazards. Certain safety condition signs may also have more than one pictogram to portray a series of events that are easily understood. Common safety signs include fire exits, first aid boxes, emergency exits, stops, and assembly points.

  • Mandatory signs

Contrary to prohibition signs, mandatory signs tell you to do something. These signs are round in shape and are blue in color. The pictograms on these signs can be white or yellow on a blue background. They often instruct you to carry out certain tasks before entering an area. Common mandatory signs include are a face mask, ear protection must be worn, keep clear, pedestrians only, and keep the fire door closed.