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4 easy tips to choose the right flooring tiles

4 easy tips to choose the right flooring tiles

There are several components that work together to give the room the type of finish you want it to have. Even if one of these is amiss, it can ruin whatever you had in mind for the room. People often harbor a misconception that only the furniture and the wall colors are what determine whether the room is appealing enough. However, there’s another factor that plays a major role in ensuring that your room looks amazing when the renovation workers finish their jobs, and those are the flooring tiles.

Tiles are a cost-effective way of making a noticeable statement. In fact, the various home improvement companies understand this and have accordingly churned out tiles of different materials and of different styles. Though this gives you a wide variety to choose from, it adds to your dilemma of choosing the right flooring tiles for your house.

So, go through some of these useful tips and choose the right flooring tile for your home.

Visualize the room
The best way to ensure that you get the tiles right is to visualize how exactly you want the room to look. You can refer to some magazines or browse for images online as this will give you a fair idea of how you’ll like the room to look. Visualizing the room will give you a clear insight into what goes where, and which flooring tiles will complement the walls and the furniture.

Tile size
Another factor to consider while choosing tiles is the size of these tiles. Small-sized tiles are meant for bathrooms, kitchens, and toilets, whereas, your living area can be adorned with larger tiles. Large tiles make the room appear big and airy. Whereas, for smaller rooms, opting for light-colored tiles will make the room appear more spacious. However, if it is a large room, you have the option of choosing light or dark tiles.

Texture and pattern
Tiles are available in different textures and patterns, and you need to determine which of these will meet your expectations. You can decide whether you wish for polished tiles or matt ones to adorn your living area. Glazed tiles are also quite popular as they are easy to clean as natural terracotta tiles with no glaze will need a seal to prevent stains from appearing on the surface. So, gauge your needs and determine which type of flooring tiles will suit your requirements the best.

The grout color
In addition to choosing the tiles, you need to choose the right grout color as well. A contrasting grout will emphasize the lines and designs on the tiles, and the same color grout will radiate a subtle effect. Additionally, ensure that the grouted areas are sealed to prevent them from staining.