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4 factors to note when choosing the ideal water bottle

4 factors to note when choosing the ideal water bottle

What may seem like a rather plain everyday item, water bottles make for an important part of our everyday routine. The product has grown in popularity over several years and is an accessory that most people cannot do without. Water is the root of life and keeps one going, whether it is at the gym, work, or while traveling. Thus, it only makes sense that the market is inundated with a slew of water bottles meant to cater to every need.

Picking a water bottle must not only be based on hydration but comfort and convenience too. Thankfully, one can now find bottles in different shapes, materials, nozzles, insulation levels, and more. The specifics to pick from are countless and here are some factors to note when choosing the ideal water bottle.

The first thing to do when looking for a water bottle is determining what and where it will be used. Water bottles that are suited for when out and about undertaking sports activities cannot be used to carry hot beverages. Thus, it is essential to understand the purpose of the water bottle.

The size of the water bottle will determine its capacity and how much water it can carry. The capacity of water bottles is either measured in liters or fluid ounces. Based on how much water you wish to fill in the bottle at a time, you must pick on the suitable size. When indulging in physical or strenuous activities, there is a need for more water. However, consider your own need for liquids and how much you would like to carry.

Water bottles are made from different types of materials. Every material carries its own set of benefits and is suitable for use during certain activities. Metal bottles are incredibly durable and great to carry warm or cold liquids as they retain the temperature. Plastic water bottles made from Nalgene are durable too and light in weight.

A water bottle with a nozzle is best for when you are on the go. When traveling, biking, or running, a water bottle with nozzles can be conveniently used as there is no spilling or sloshing. On the other hand, wide-mouth bottles are perfect for when being seated or not in motion.