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4 reasons why it benefits to get your dog a DNA test

4 reasons why it benefits to get your dog a DNA test

Pet owners may often wonder what it would be like to get a dog DNA test. Well, now it is possible!

There are a plethora of companies that specialize in developing DNA test kits for owners who are curious and wish to know more about the background of their dog. This opportunity often entices owner’s as they can get to know about their dog’s breed and even the potential health issues that their pet may be at risk of.

All dog DNA tests aren’t always created equal. Depending on the company’s database of breeds, there is a higher chance for accuracy in the test. Wondering if you should get the DNA test kit for your dog? Well, here some reasons that make the dog DNA a great piece of information.

Dog owners are usually very curious about the breed of their dog. Also, “what is the breed of your dog?” is commonly a question asked at the dog park. Well, mixed breed dog owners may often find it difficult to answer this question. A dog DNA test is a great way to understand the breed of your dog and put your curiosity to rest.

Keep health issues at bay
There are potential health issues related to certain breeds of dogs. As mentioned above, the dominant breed gene can be established and the results of the same can be discussed with your dog’s veterinarian. Becoming aware of the potential health risk well in advance and keeping the veterinarian aware of the same can aid in averting issues in the long run.

Prepare for training
A DNA test can help understand the personality traits of your pet. Understanding how big your dog will get and the unique habits associated with the breed is great for when training and socializing the dog. A retriever mix will require a set of training methods that are different from that of a terrier breed dog.

The test results can also be used to derive the best kind of foods for specific dog breeds. A dog breed that is susceptible to certain diseases, such as arthritis, can be fed a diet that protects it against the progression of the same.

A dog DNA test can be taken at home using kits that are available online as well as in pet supply stores. The popular offerings on the market include the Embark Dog DNA Test, Wisdom Panel 3.0 Canine DNA Test, HomeDNA Orivet Dog DNA Test, Find My Pet Dog DNA Test, and more.