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5 best dog collars for tick and flea protection

5 best dog collars for tick and flea protection

Tick and flea season can be extremely frustrating for your furry friends! The bites and infections cause consistent itching, but some bites can also lead to infections that cause tick fever and other potentially fatal complications. Always speak to your vet regarding medicines and methods used for avoiding ticks and fleas all year round. And to make sure that your pooch stays clean, here are some of the best options for tick and flea collars.

TevraPet ProAct™
TevraPet uses a waterproof design for their collars to keep the deltamethrin effective through the six months of usage. This chemical kills both fleas and ticks on your dog’s fur and skin on contact and gives the whole body protection from these insects. Say bye-bye to tick or flea bites that can irritate your furry friend.

SENTRY® Dual Action Flea & Tick Dog Collar
Sentry uses a chemical called deltamethrin to protect your dog from fleas on your pet. The collar is designed to work against adult fleas by killing them quickly and thus preventing any eggs from being laid in your pooch’s fur. You can use the collar for up to six months and also not worry about keeping it dry as it is waterproof.

Virbac PREVENTIC® Tick Collar for Dogs
Collars made by this brand comprise an insecticide called amitraz that works on different types of common insects found during tick season, like deer ticks, lone star ticks, and of course dog ticks. The collar kills and detaches the tick from the body and is good for 90 days. This is a short-term tick solution compared to the other collars.

Hartz® UltraGuard Pro® Flea & Tick Collar for Dogs and Puppies
This collar works well on both ticks and fleas owing to the a combination of tetrachlorvinphos and methoprene. This amazing product kills and repels pests from all their life stages—from eggs to larvae to adults. One of the many concerns about these pests is their eggs, but with the insecticide used in this, it gives a full-body protection against them.

Vet’s Best Flea & Tick Repellent Dog Collar
Vet’s Best uses natural ingredients like cedarwood and peppermint oils on their collar to help prevent fleas and ticks. Unfortunately, the collar can be worn only for four months. However, it is also water resistant and does not contain harmful insecticides that you or your dog may be allergic to.

Apart from flea and tick collars, there are various medicines that help keep fleas and ticks off the dog. One such medication is Simparica (sarolaner). It is an FDA-approved chewable tablet that kills fleas in three hours and ticks in eight hours. When administered monthly, Simparica can protect dogs from flea and tick infestation for up to 35 days. Simparica Chewables are known to kill five types of ticks including the Gulf Coast tick.