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5 most popular home audio speaker varieties

5 most popular home audio speaker varieties

The home audio speaker system is an important need for a modern entertainment system. But before buying the speakers, you need to understand the different types of speakers with its quality and features. Once you decide which type of speaker do you want, it’s simple to go for a particular brand or style and model. There are different kinds of home theater speaker systems available, among which floorstanding or bookshelf, in-wall, and in-ceiling, satellite or subwoofer styles are most popular. Every individual has the different taste for sound and it’s a completely personal decision to choose the type of speaker depending on the quality and variety.

Floorstanding speakers: This type of speaker is also known as in-room speakers and this comes in greater size. There are different styles and price-models are available. Sometimes also called tower speakers. For a music lover, a floor standing speaker is the most suitable choice. The audible frequency range of human being is 20-20000Hz and this type of home audio speaker system handles almost the entire range, sometimes as less as 30Hz. The most important benefit is the placement flexibility as you can move this type of speakers anywhere and another benefit is a cabinet is optimized for providing the best performance with respect to the speaker. The solid base, frequency-specific precision and no-requirement of a subwoofer (for producing low frequencies) are among the plus points.

Bookshelf speakers: This is almost similar to the former one but smaller in size and can fit in limited space. Mostly accommodated in the bookshelf or a floor stand. There are people who use small sized speakers and then add a subwoofer for bass frequencies. These are often used for the front left and right in the pair and you can use them to surround ones.

In-Wall Speakers: For modern houses, an in-wall home audio speaker system is quite popular as it doesn’t take up the place for placing. If the wall is appropriate to match this kind of speaker, it virtually disappears beside giving a good performance. Remember that the installation part may require professional expertise, mostly for the wiring part and it’s not easy to move like the former ones.

In-Ceiling Speakers: If you want to keep the home audio speaker system out of the way, this can be the best one for your consideration. Speakers which exist flat along the ceiling surface or motorized ones that move down after operating through buttons are available. The advantages are similar to the in-wall ones, mainly for those rooms with a little wall or floor space.

Combination Of Satellite-Subwoofer: Satellite speakers are small sized speakers which are used in surround systems and mainly available as a part of 5.1 or 7.1 package system. Sometimes these types of speakers are combined with a subwoofer. It’s handy for smaller rooms at the same time for good sound quality.