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5 personalized Christmas gifts that are easy to make

5 personalized Christmas gifts that are easy to make

Christmas is the time for exchanging gifts with your loved ones, and in most cases, we buy Christmas gifts off the rack to save us some time and thinking. But the best gift you can give in this festive season is your time and the warmth of your personal touch.

Go DIY this time with your gifts and tailor-make them all by yourself. Here are five best Christmas gifts ideas that are personalized and super easy to make at home.

Stylised lightings
Everyone loves to light up their homes brightly during Christmas. Help them do it with your cool gifts for Christmas custom made designer lights. All you need is a string of rice light bulbs and a glass jar with open mouth. Cover the jar with fluorescent papers, put the coiled up light-string inside and leave the plug out. When turned on, the light will make the neon-covered jar glow in the dark.

Jar candles
One of the perfect family Christmas gifts for those dinner invitations, jar candles are super easy to make, but with caution. What you need to do is melt commercial paraffin wax of different shades in a double boiler and pour them into small and medium-sized jars with thick glass. Insert the wick while the wax is in a jelly state and let it cool. Your unique Christmas gift is ready for wrapping!

Hand-knitted stuff
A tradition passed down for centuries, giving hand-knitted mittens or mufflers to the younger ones to show love and warmth. You can twist the tale a bit, and instead of winter wears, you can go for some unusual and best Christmas gifts like coasters, tiny soft toys, pouches, wristbands or pillow covers. Attach the necessary buckles and straps, and your gift is good to go!

Photo collage album
A photo collage book album makes an awesome romantic Christmas gift. Gather the snapshots of moments you two have shared together, print them, paste them and write captions, quotes, memorable dates to fill up the album. Your effort and your own words will mean much more than the generic passage of the greeting cards.

Leather purses
Leather purses have always been one of the best Christmas gifts for men. But instead of buying a branded one where you need to look for the design you want and also pay a lot, go for a home-made one. Buy good quality leather in the tan of your choice, follow a YouTube video manual and cut, stitch and paste the leather to make a personalized Christmas gift for your man.

Going personalized will not only reach your love to your dear ones unadulterated by commercial stuff, but it will also save you a whole lot of money. You will also have fun making them.