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5 unique welcome hanging signs to have

5 unique welcome hanging signs to have

You want your home to reflect who you are. Every element in your house should have an essence of your personality and be so descriptive that whenever someone looks at it, they’re reminded of you. The same goes for your front door as it has to bear the added responsibility of being the face of your house. Fortunately, it isn’t that difficult; all you need is a cool welcome hanging sign.

They can be hung up on the front door and can be customized to display the message you want. They come in various sizes and designs, giving you the freedom to really own your welcome sign. Check out some of our favorite welcome signs that you can choose from.

‘Welcome to the Porch’ sign
This one’s a classic! Hang this on your front door and get ready for an eager crowd. To make it even better, write a short message beneath ‘Welcome to the Porch,’ something that’ll really set the tone for the kind of occasion you’re hosting. Alternatively, you can also write some proverb that you believe in, but that works well only if the welcome sign is going to stay permanently on your front door.

Latitude and longitude coordinates sign
We promise those numbers won’t look as boring as they sounded in high school. In fact, latitude and longitude coordinate signs are among the most creative welcome signs that you can get for your house. Your guests would be so curious, the ones that don’t know what it means at least, and will probably ask you to explain it.

Welcome WiFi password sign
Your house or party could be awesome, but people know they’ll eventually get bored. So why not take care of it from the get-go by hanging a welcome sign that reads ‘The WiFi password is _____’. It shows flavor and might make your party a real success, but remember to remove the sign as soon as the guests leave. You don’t want your neighbors feeding off your WiFi without contributing any money.

Loon peak cabin sign
If your house is located close to the mountains, go with this welcome sign. The design is really rustic and perfectly blends with your country home. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get this welcome sign if your home is in the city. It works everywhere, bringing an adorable feel to your front door.

Lone star art personalized welcome sign
Look up online, and you’ll see hundreds of stunning lone star welcome sign designs. Choose the one that suits you the best or goes perfectly with the occasion that you’re hosting.

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