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6 Best Online Symptom Checkers

6 Best Online Symptom Checkers

Various medical studies have highlighted the fact that more than one-third of the adults in the country use the Internet for self-diagnosis on a regular basis. Even though it is always advisable to seek the guidance of healthcare professionals rather than a self-diagnosis, the online symptom checker is excessively popular among the adult population. Here is a list of the best online symptom checkers that are free and publicly available.

  • Symcat – This disease calculator uses records of almost 500,000 patients to reckon the probability of any particular disease. Also, it helps in appointment scheduling along with mapping the nearby emergency care centers. A mobile version of Symcat is also available.
  • AskMD – With the efficient help of AskMD symptom checker app, the patients can successfully maintain an online health profile within a social network called Sharecare.
  • Isabel – This online symptom checker is a diagnosis checklist system tool that offers almost 69% accurate results.
  • iTriage – It is not only a great symptom checker but also an effective health literacy tool. It can offer almost 64% accurate results for symptom checking. With iTriage, patients can manage their health information secretly along with connecting patients to the care options. This online symptom checker is available in a mobile app version as well.
  • Healthline – Highly-skilled medical experts with years of experience in various medical fields and adept writers who can help to reach the diagnosis information to the viewers and users in easily understandable and plain language manage this website.
  • WebMD – One of the most popular symptom checkers that is currently trending in the digital market is WebMD. Along with helping the patients in checking their respective symptoms, this online symptom checker makes sure that the patients get necessary health information that is related to the symptoms. More interestingly, for the physician, the patients can take the printout of the report available on WebMD. You can get this symptom checker in the mobile app version as well.

Other than the aforementioned popular online symptom checkers, some other options include DocResponse (Provides almost 67% accurate results), Mayo Clinic (Generates almost 59% accurate results), FamilyDoctor (Offers almost 56% accurate results), and HMS Family Health Guide (Provides almost 52% accurate results).

Even though a lot of online symptom checkers are available in today’s tech-savvy era, the pharmacists should always encourage patients to consult a medical expert or health care professional for an accurate diagnosis and effective treatment.