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6 most popular stomach gas pain remedies

6 most popular stomach gas pain remedies

Stomach gas is a common symptom that is caused primarily by the type of food we eat. While some food items contribute to the production of gas and acid in the digestive system, some food items are easily digestible and alleviate gas pains.

The trigger foods for gas vary for every individual. It is therefore essential to identify the foods that may cause indigestion, gas, and acidity to be able to get quick relief. Here is a list of some of the popular stomach gas pain remedies that help curb discomfort by providing instant relief.

Change your dietary habits
Often bringing a change to one’s dietary habit is enough to relieve gas and its underlying symptoms. This can be done by firstly identifying the kind of foods that may cause stomach gas pain. Foods with high-fat content, carbonated beverages, highly fibrous foods, beans, lentils, dairy products, and the like are known to be the main culprits of stomach gas pain. Eliminating trigger foods from the diet is one of the best stomach gas pain remedies that can effectively help relieve the symptoms.

Include some peppermint in your diet
Several studies show that mint tea and peppermint symptoms are known to reduce most IBS symptoms including stomach gas pain. While incorporating peppermint in the diet is one of the best stomach gas pain remedies, it is important that people on medication consult their doctor before using supplements.

One of the best stomach gas pain remedies is to get engaged in a kind of physical activity. Exercising is an excellent way to release trapped gas and get rid of the gas pain. Walking after meals is a good method to avoid gas, acidity, and indigestion. Activities like skipping rope, running, jogging, and brisk walks can help ease the gas pain.

Herbal tea
Often herbal green teas, mint tea, and chamomile teas are known to ease stomach inflammation, trapped gas, bloating, and indigestion. Drinking chamomile tea before meals and while going to bed is one of the most effective stomach gas pain remedies.

Apple cider vinegar
While apple cider vinegar is a potent aid that facilitates weight loss, it is also popular as one of the most efficient stomach gas pain remedies that should religiously be consumed before every meal to reduce trapped gas symptoms.

This is a herb that most Asian people use in cooking. Clove oil is known best to reduce gas pain and bloating effectively. Adding a few drops of clove oil in about a glass of water helps relieve post meal gas pain and indigestion.