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6 popular universities for getting a marketing degree

6 popular universities for getting a marketing degree

A reputed educational institution is one that has maintained its presence for many years with a good faculty team and success rate of students. In the United States, there are many colleges and schools to choose from when it comes to getting a marketing degree. Here are some of the top schools for getting a marketing degree that you can choose from.

The University of Massachusetts is a popular university to get a marketing degree from. This course offers an extensive knowledge of advertising and promotion, analytics, market research, analytics, social media, analytics, and product development.

The University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia is one of the Ivy League universities known for providing the best education to students. They provide a great understanding of consumer behavior and market research in their marketing course.

Lehigh University in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania has a marketing degree to offer to all its students. The average salary of a student passing out from Lehigh University is $48,000, and in his/her mid-career, it can go up to $107,000 a year.

Georgetown University in Washington focuses on effective marketers on a global scale in their marketing program. In this program, students learn about consumer habits around the world and different impacts of marketing initiatives in different areas.

Emerson College in Boston mainly focuses on marketing communication in their marketing course that teaches students how to develop consumer relationship while marketing. The average salary of a student who passes out from Emerson is $41,000, and in his/her mid career, it goes up to $70,000.

Bryant University in Smithfield, Rhode Island, has a marketing program that teaches the students about relationships between an organization and its customers through strategic communication and advertising.

These are some of the top universities for marketing degrees in this country today. There are other universities, colleges, and online marketing courses available too for students based on their individual needs.