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7 amazing features of the Copper Chef Induction Cooktop

7 amazing features of the Copper Chef Induction Cooktop

If you love cooking, you must know how important it is to have the perfect cookware and kitchen appliances. This is because preparing food takes so much of effort, so it should be only cooked in products that enhance its taste and appearance.

You might remember watching the Copper Chef advertised in the As Seen On TV infomercial. Their Induction Cooktop and Casserole Pan are the two most popular kitchen products in the market. These two signature products from Copper Chef are meticulously engineered, so that you don’t face any distress while you are working in the kitchen. If you are contemplating about switching to an electric induction cooktop, you should without a doubt consider purchasing the Induction Cooktop by Copper Chef.

To make your choice easier, here are some key features of the Copper Chef Induction Cooktop.
Cooktop surface You must know how annoying it can get when your induction or gas stove’s surface is stained with food ingredients and grease. It is harder to maintain hygiene and harsh cleaning agents can eventually lead to discoloration and dullness. The Copper Chef Induction Cooktop has burn and spill resistant coating, which stays clean even when you splatter boiling or hot food on it.

Space If you are anxious about the Induction Cooktop’s surface area, then stop, because this cooktop has ample of space for even large utensils. It can comfortably accommodate all shapes and sizes of cooking vessels. And even though it is a sturdy kitchen appliance, it is equally lightweight and portable. So, if you would like to carry it someplace, you literally don’t have to bear its burden.

Stylish digital display The Induction Cooktop has sophisticated digital display, that is extremely easy to read and manage. Even though you’re a beginner, you can conveniently understand the functions without seeking for help.

Cooking modes It is often difficult to achieve the right temperature on a gas stove, and Copper Chef comprehends this problem very well. Which is why they have added five cooking presets, i.e., warm, low, medium, high, and sear. You can easily switch from one preset to another without facing any hassle.

Timer The Induction Cooktop also has a timer, which helps you to perfectly manage the harmony between the cooking time and the temperature. This especially comes in handy when you are preoccupied with other tasks in the kitchen. So basically, you can forget to turn off the heat, but your timer won’t.

Customizable time and temperature controls The Induction Cooktop regulates the heat in an increasing order, so the food can accurately cook.

Safety While working with gas stoves, you have to manually turn off the knobs, but Copper Chef Induction Cooktop automatically switches off as soon as the cookware is detached from it.