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8 amazing features that make Apple watches drool worthy

8 amazing features that make Apple watches drool worthy

Apple Inc. set pulse racing wildly when they introduced Apple Watches to the world, indicating their entry into the field of wearable technology. Wearing technology on your wrists was something which no one in their wildest dreams could ever think of. But, Kevin Lynch did the unthinkable, he created a watch that was compatible with your phone and not just any phone, an iPhone. So, if you are thinking why buy an Apple watch? Keep reading to find out what amazing features are in store for a potential Apple Watch owner.

Water-resistant- The Apple Watches can be submerged up to 50 meters in water. This makes it the perfect partner for your swimming sessions. The Apple Watches has water lock feature that turns on immediately when you start swimming.

Avail quicker options with force touch- The Apple Watches look up to their counterparts, the iPhones, when it comes to their abilities. The Apple Watches too use the force-touch technology that brings a plethora of options by pressing on the watch’s screen.

Control your home theatre- If you can’t trace your remote and wish to change the annoying soap on a channel, you can use your Apple Watch. The Remote app on Apple Watch allows you to control your home theater or Apple TV by allowing you to swipe through the set-top box’s different menus.

Voice-activated services- Similar to your iPhone, Siri would help you even if you use the Apple Watch. All you must do is, say “Hi Siri” and Apple’s all-knowing assistant would pop-up on your screen.

Communicate with your car- Your modern automobile would be easily compatible with your Apple Watch. Your Apple Watch would allow you to check your car’s status and communicate with it as well. You can unlock your car’s doors, honk the horn, check on your battery levels if you own an electric car, etc.

Match your music to the speakers- Your Apple Watch allows you to store your music collection. You can stream your music to any Bluetooth-connected speaker through Airplay.

Unlock your Mac- You can unlock your Mac with your Apple Watch. All you should do is change the settings on your Mac and enable the option to access Mac with your Apple Watch.

Find your iPhone- If you have misplaced your iPhone, you can trace it with the help of your Apple Watch. You must open “glances” in the Watch and press the phone icon in the settings. Your phone would start making a chiming sound and would compromise its hiding place.

These are just some of the features of the Apple Watch that make it irresistible. Get your own Apple Watch and learn other amazing things it can do.