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A beginner’s guide to jogging

A beginner’s guide to jogging

Our health has been a major cause of concern since times unknown. There has been an alarming rise in the number of people succumbing to different ailments because of the gross neglect they subject their bodies to. You get a rude wake-up call when climbing two floors leaves you short of breath. Whatever the symptoms of your deteriorating health, you have to take measures to prevent an onslaught of different diseases.

You have to choose a form of exercise that would help you improve and later maintain your health. If you aren’t one of those who loves sweating it out at the gym, then you can go jogging. You cannot start running right away, you need to begin with jogging.

Since you are a first timer, you would need the right tips to guide you on how to job properly. Here’s a list of essential tips for those who are about to start jogging for the sake of their health.

A pair of good shoes– Since you are just about to start jogging, the first thing you must do is invest in a pair of good shoes. When you jog, you would be exerting two to three times the pressure you exert when you walk. The shoes must be sturdy and should provide adequate support to your ankles and your feet. Look for shoes that have a cushioning, this would provide the required comfort.

Choose the place- The next step would be to choose the perfect place for jogging. Choose an area that has a flat and smooth surface. Also, choose a place that is fairly populated. Safety comes first.

Stretch– You must perform certain stretching exercises before you actually start jogging. Stretching is important since it would make your muscles flexible and would make you less prone to injuries.

Build your pace– When you begin jogging, do not go overboard with it. You must not go jogging for an hour right on your first day. You might get tired easily in the initial days, but this is normal. You must build your pace gradually and this requires practice.

Maintain a schedule– If you work a 9 to 5 job, it would be difficult for you to go jogging daily. Instead, decide which days of the week would be suitable for you to go jogging and make sure you stick to it.

Cool down– After a grueling session of jogging, you must allow your body to cool down. Rest for 5 to 10 minutes, but do not sleep. Allowing your body to cool down would prevent the buildup of lactic acid.

Jogging might appear grueling in the beginning but with proper practice and dedication, you might find yourself liking it.