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A brief insight into the Uber application

A brief insight into the Uber application

With the advancement in technology, you can now do things that seemed impossible even a decade ago. One of those break-through inventions is an application for booking cabs from the comfort of your home. Moreover, among these applications, Uber is considered as one of the best. With a skyrocketing growth spurt since its inception in 2009, Uber has been a leading cab-hailing service. No matter the nature of setbacks with partners–drivers and self-driven cars, it clearly seems that none of this has affected Uber’s loyal application users. The investors have also not seemed to be averse towards it—as funding has been steady and growing all along. The Uber application is an efficient medium to assist more users worldwide. Today, Uber has almost 75 million users globally, who with a touch of a button, hail a cab and all of this without much waiting time or repeated reminders and more importantly without the hassle of looking for cash or change with the efficient online payment option.

Some interesting statistics related to Uber and Uber Eats are as follows:

  • Uber has reportedly around 75 million users and 7 million drivers
  • Uber has completed about 5 billion rides worldwide
  • Uber is now available in 600 cities across 78 countries
  • The average number of trips daily is around 10 million

As Uber has decided to go public in 2019, its efforts will now go into cutting costs and losses. By the third quarter of last year, the losses stood at around $1.46 billion. New cost-cutting strategies are being chalked out as well as aggressive marketing strategies and new initiatives for customer support and satisfaction.

While Uber is facing losses, controversies, and upheavals, its food delivery application, Uber Eats has grown to be the fastest growing service in almost 15 of the country’s major cities. Uber Eats has scored well in retaining customers. On an average, around 41 percent of its customers used the app within 6 months. Uber Eats is currently in the second position in food delivery space.

According to Uber Eats application, following are the interesting snippets from their data:

  • Most driver compliments came from Los Angeles
  • Most Uber Eats orders came from Tampa Bay
  • Most nighttime and weekend rides came from New York City
  • Top 3 tourist destinations have been Eifel tower, Golden Gate Bridge, and Chapultepec Park
  • Uber Eats has delivered 40 cuisines across 200 cities globally
  • Burritos are most popular in Europe and Asia
  • Tacos are the most popular in Latin America
  • Chinese food is among the most popular foods in the country