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A glimpse into the fragrance industry of USA

A glimpse into the fragrance industry of USA

Everybody is fond of perfumes due to their unbelievable fragrance and sweet smell. They are used in multiple occasions in our lives. Perfumes can be gifted to someone. Forget ordinary people even royal families used to and still do gift each other the best available perfumes since it has been considered as an honorable gesture from times immemorial. Some of us still follow this as traditions during festival seasons.

A scented greeting card is the least that folks look for giving each other. During Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving and many other festivals celebrated in USA, the fragrance or perfume factories produce large quantities of perfume bottles for gifting and celebrations. The factories have clearly understood the demand and supply chain here. France and Paris are the largest producers of perfume, perfume-related products, cologne and many more products. However, other countries in USA have small-scale manufacturing units for producing the same. Depending upon the demand and the trend, they utilize the locally available raw materials for the preparation.

Perfume production is a very diligent and yet perfect technique in the industry and the products are very expensive in the market. That is, simply the cost involved in producing an ounce of perfume takes almost 10 pounds of flowers, a very long and complicated distillation process, further packaging and transporting with care. Since they are mostly shipped across and sold in bottles, the freight handling needs to be very professional. From manufacturing units to selling it in the market has a long process and different teams are required to work together.

People who are involved in the technical part of the production of the product need to be very good in what they do as this job involves a sensitive nose and decision making skill. Once the manufacturing is done, then comes the inventory storing techniques. The products are stored in a cool, clean and air-filtered place in order to avoid any adulteration. Depending on the requirement, the products are packaged.

In terms of retail or wholesale demand, the packages are packed accordingly with due diligence. Packaging also involves some sensitivity bearing in mind that products are stored in pretty small bottles to big-sized ones. One needs to handle them with utmost care. The transport is equally taken care of; the fragile products need to be handled and transported with care, and usually the handling is done with automated technology rather than human labor. Each wholesale and retail business in the perfume industry is supplied with the number of products they have received the orders for, and these are then sold to different customer markets.