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A guide to choose the perfect headphone

A guide to choose the perfect headphone

If you are planning to invest in a good headphone for yourself, you have before you a stunning array of headphones for you to choose from. Be it noise canceling headphones, wireless models, over the ear or earbuds you have in mind, the choices are just overwhelming. Given below are some simple guidelines that will help you pick the perfect headphone suitable for you in every sense of the word.

Size: One of the primary things you need to decide is whether you want to go in for small or big headphones. Different ones have different uses like for relaxing or for working. Smaller models have excellent portability and are lightweight that makes it convenient to slide into your pockets. But the sound quality is not as good when compared to bigger ones. Larger headphones although bulkier, are excellent in sound quality and are ideal for home use.

Design: Choose a model that will sync perfectly with what you are planning to use these headphones for. While over-the-ear models are ideal for use at home, they are too big to be used while traveling. If you plan on buying a headphone for some serious work or music listening, go for corded ones as they are found to be better rated compared to wireless models.

Different Types: Choosing an ideal model of headphone is completely personal. It depends on how comfortable you are inserting earphones that get embedded into the ear canal or just plain earbuds that rest on the ear bowl. The various kinds include-
On the ear: These models are quite light weight and do not put pressure on your head. They are available in both closed and open versions. However, the ear becomes hot with prolonged use.
In the ear: The earbuds position themselves on the ear bowl are most commonly found coming free along with iPods and audio players that can be ported. These models can be inserted into the ear canal isolating outside sounds.
Over the ear: They are available in two designs namely closed and open models. It depends on your preference what you would like to opt for.
Wireless models: These have become very popular and make use of Bluetooth technology. Wireless models that are digitalized have been found to offer better performance.
Noise reduction: These kinds of headphones are for people who want to cut outside noise completely and concentrate on working. There are various models of noise canceling headphones that you can browse before you make your final choice.