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A quick guide to buy the right farm tractor for your needs

A quick guide to buy the right farm tractor for your needs

Farm tractors are heavy transport machinery which is used on a farm for various purposes.

Whether transporting produce, or ploughing fields, tractors are a necessity on a farm. The farm tractor gets all your farm work done much faster and while spending less energy as compared to manual labor. Some of the top-ranked farm tractors include the Ford 8N, Farmall Model H, Farmall Model M, John Deere Model 4020 and the John Deere Model B.

These farm tractors have been in the market for a long time and have supported farmers all over the country. They have made farming easy and have built goodwill for themselves and a loyal user base. These tractors, despite being old models, have all the basic features that get the job done.

Farm tractors also come with different functions and different sizes. The compact tractor range from new companies makes it easier to maintain the tractor while not having to spend a lot of money on a big tractor for a small piece of land. The things you need to consider include:

Quality matters
Bigger brands provide quality and at the same time, they also provide great resale value. Brands like John Deere or Kubota tractors have very good resale values and are a good long-term investment. However, the misconception that branded tractors cost higher than non-branded products is false. It is recommended to buy branded tractors instead, which last longer.

Size of your land
The size of your land plays a vital role. If a land is small, a compact tractor might be perfect for your farm. Getting a large tractor can create problems in mobility and can end up ruining crops by trampling over them due to lack of space.

Flat or steep land
Steep lands work best under a regular tractor as they have the power to manage your crops despite being on a challenging landscape. If your terrain is flat, however, compact tractors can do the job of the tractor while utilizing a smaller portion of the land.

Power of the tractor
The power of your tractor is extremely important as it requires enough horsepower to work efficiently. There are three types of horsepower – Engine horsepower, PTO horsepower and drawbar horsepower. The use of the tractor also depends on its purpose. For example, when pulling weight, drawbar horsepower is important but while bush hogging, PTO horsepower is used.