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Advancements in camera and camcorders technology

Advancements in camera and camcorders technology

Digital cameras and camcorders are on the brink of some mind-boggling developments that are taking place in the electronics industry. For instance, changes such as changing the way we take a photo, like shutters being operated at the blink of an eye or simply commanding shoot, are already around the corner. Camera phones are seeing and will also see great changes in their capabilities while DSLRs are likely to undergo some major slimming, increase in picture resolution and unlimited batteries power, and camcorders are also scheduled to increased their picture definition as well. Listed below are some such advancements:

Unlimited battery power is just a matter of time. The only delay is in arriving at the size requirement of the solar panel. There are two choices to select from. Make the entire power requirement be met by the solar cells. The easier and more likely is to use solar cells to continuously recharge the existing batteries.

Higher resolution DSLR is already realized. One of the top camera manufacturers has introduced 250-megapixel camera. This enables the camera to take photos of as far away as up to 11Km and still zoom in to see fine details. More manufacturers are to follow suit.

Dot sight camera is a camera introduced by one of the top companies that have a futuristic object tracking system. This allows tracking far of objects being photographed with powerful zooms like 50X with the optical zoom fully engaged.

Light field camera allows one to change the focus after taking the picture.

Camera phones are about to see great capacity augmentation. A technology called multipleaperture photography which uses software, data, and multiple cameras to produce photos of quality better than single lens cameras usually used in camera phones. Using the parallax between the images the difference in the perspective between many lenses can be made use of to change the focus after taking the photo. With the application of the former technology, the picture quality is expected to equal that of DSLR. The latter one will enable these cameras to surpass the post photo processing available in any comparable camera.

Camcorders: An 8K video at 60fps is in the offing. The video quality is mind boggling. Each full frame HD video is around 2-megapixel and 4K video is 8-megapixel. Each frame of 8K video would be 32-megapixel while this is model captures a frame at 35 megapixels. The company is developing a monitor called reference monitor and the images is said to be indistinguishable from real objects.