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Advantages of an extended stay hotel

Advantages of an extended stay hotel

Hotels are typically envisioned as a place people stay in for a few nights while away from home. But, sometimes, you may need to stay at a hotel for much longer. Living in a typical hotel room for weeks or months at a stretch can be very expensive and be a little uncomfortable. In such cases, what you need to look for are extended stay hotels. This arrangement combines the comfort and facilities of a hotel with the economical rates of renting an apartment. Take a look at the advantages of staying in an extended stay hotel rather than a rental apartment or hotel that charges you a daily rate.

As compared to a rental apartment

House keeping: The biggest advantage of living in hotels vs. renting an apartment is that you can still avail of hotel facilities like housekeeping and get fresh towels and sheets without too much of an effort. In addition, you get access to Wi-Fi, television etc which in a rental apartment you would have to install yourself.

Room service: When you’re on a business trip, you don’t typically have the time to cook on a daily basis or will feel like eating out every day. If you are living in a rental apartment you’re only option would be to experiment with takeout services. On the other hand, when you stay at a hotel, you can always call for room service if you’re not eating out or don’t feel like cooking.

Security: This is one of the key points where extended hotel stays win over rental apartments. When you’re new to a city, you may not know the best parts of the city and staying safe is crucial. In a hotel, you are guaranteed round the clock security and can even avail of services like locker vaults to keep your documents and valuables safe.

As compared to typical hotels

Bigger rooms: A typical hotel room can get uncomfortable after a day or two. This is especially so in the case of sharing a hotel room with another person. However, when you book an extended stay, you usually get a suite of rooms that allows you to separate your private and public spaces. Thus, you can comfortably entertain guests without your bed being the only place for them to sit.

More economical: No matter how great a deal you get on hotel rates, they can add up to an exorbitant amount in the long run. Extended stay options however are much more budget-friendly. When compared to rental apartments, they may seem more expensive at first, but given the facilities you can avail of, it usually works out cheaper to stay in the hotel.

You can cook for yourself: As mentioned above, when you’re living away from home, you mostly find yourself eating out, but this can get tiring and unhealthy after a while. Since most room suites come with an attached kitchen or kitchenette, staying at a hotel gives you the option of cooking dinner whenever you feel like.