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All you need to know about the Dutch ovens

All you need to know about the Dutch ovens

If you love to remodel your kitchen with new equipment every now and then, you must have heard and wondered about what Dutch ovens are and how do they function. Here is everything you need to know about the Dutch ovens.

What is a Dutch oven?
A Dutch oven refers to cooking pots usually made of cast iron that comes with a tight-fitting lid. There are various types of Dutch ovens available in the market and while some are fit for indoor usage, you can use the others while camping.

How do Dutch Ovens Work?
Following more or less the same theme of a traditional oven, Dutch ovens work in a pretty similar fashion. The oven functions by radiating heat at once from the sides, bottom, and top to ensure that the food is properly cooked from all sides by maintaining a consistent temperature.

Types of Dutch ovens
There are basically two types of Dutch ovens available in the market:

  • Outdoor-style Dutch ovens
    These types of ovens come with a lid and a raised lip on it. The lid allows you to place coals on it. It also prevents the coals from falling back into the fire or inside the pot while you are checking on the food.
  • Indoor-style Dutch ovens
    The indoor or flat surface Dutch ovens are also quite popular and comes without legs. You can easily place these within a gas or an electric stove oven without the need of a lid and a raised rim to hold hot coal.

Things you can do with a Dutch oven
The best part about the Dutch oven is the even distribution of heat and moisture which is required for baking, stewing, and braising. Perfect for slow and leisure cooking, they are best for various breaking down of starchy ingredients and tenderizing proteins.

If you’re struggling to make a choice among the various options, Le Creuset Dutch ovens make an ideal choice especially for the tasks involving high temperatures and deep-frying.

Things to consider before buying a Dutch oven
When choosing a Dutch oven, it is important to consider the dishes you want to cook, the cooking portion sizes, how the oven handles and lid work and feel, how well the oven sear meat, and of course the brand. The choices are many and make sure you invest in the right one.