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All you need to know about the Sony Bravia 55XE93

All you need to know about the Sony Bravia 55XE93

With all the technologies upgrading day by day, it has become a great task to find a proper 4K TV, which doesn’t worsen the picture quality by its maximum brightness. Sony’s invention of the slim backlight has been a hit in the world of TV technologies. It is a technology that puts two edge-mounted LED sets along with two other LED light plates in a sequence. This system had its own improvements and came back in 2017 with the XE93 series.

Let’s take a tour of the important and impressive features of this Sony 4K TV.


The Sony Bravia 55XE93 has a very distinctive design. This slim design is a bit heavy. It has a well-built and glossy black screen frame. The half and half gold/black trim is somewhat peculiar and looks typically Sony. The back panel is distinctive because of the diamond pattern engraved on it and the large sections of the back panels are removable. This makes it easy to hide all the cable wires.

Smart TV

This Sony 4K TV falls a step back when it comes to offering speedy access to favorite content and customizable interface to its customers. The interface is cluttered and hardly gives any opportunity for customization. This Sony 4K TV has however ensured to provide 4K and HDR versions of Netflix, YouTube, and Amazon. It also offers the latest YouView function that provides an electronic listing guide and lets you go seven days back and watch stuff you missed.

HDR/SDR & 4K/HDR performances

Sony has always been a brand that keeps on advancing HD sources to 4K and the X1 extreme chipset of the dual database processing systems take it to a new level. This Sony 4K TV is not only improving its texture and pixel density but also giving pictures a sense of realism.


The speakers are direct and powerful. The sound system will not disappoint as it is better than the other TV systems in its range.

Overall, its picture, design, and brightness are better than ever and this Sony 4K TV does a good job.