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Alternative medicine for HIV/AIDS – Promoting better living conditions 

Alternative medicine for HIV/AIDS – Promoting better living conditions 

An alternative medicine which involves a range of healing and holistic approaches have brought renewed hope for people living with HIV. In combination with traditional medical HIV treatment, many people use complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) as well. CAM treatments can alleviate some symptoms of HIV.

Alternative medicine includes many types of therapy. The goals of these treatments are to:

  • Give assistance from side effects of drugs
  • Improve the immunity
  • Enhance the quality of life

Alternative medical systems

These have developed individually and in few cases, even before the arrival of the standard Western medicine. Some of them are listed below.

  • Chiropractic
    Chiropractic is a system of treatment involving skeletal structures, especially the spine, which could help enhance the immune system.
  • Biological therapy
    This form of HIV treatment uses natural elements to improve overall health through:
  • Herbal treatments using plant-based medications
  • Dietary supplements, which add as a nutrition quotient. It keeps the body healthy, fights weakness and boosts the immune system. They may contain minerals, vitamins, herbs, enzymes or amino acids.
  • Relaxation therapies
    Relaxation treatments, such as meditation, is an effective HIV treatment option, which helps decrease anxiety. These therapies might increase the body’s strength to deal with the pressure of the illness.
  • Acupuncture
    This is part of a broader healing system known as traditional Chinese medicine. According to some, it can help relieve body pain caused by nerve damage from HIV, a condition called neuropathy.
  • Energy Therapy
    These use energy fields to promote your strength.
  • Bio-field therapies employ force to manage the body. According to practitioners, energy fields encircle and perceive the human body. Through these areas and the energy flow, there is a lot of chance to improve your health. Yoga, qi gong, and Reiki are some instances of these therapies.
  • Bio-electromagnetic therapies use magnetic or pulsed fields to rebalance energy.

All these HIV treatment forms should be utilized with caution. And when chosen to undertake such procedures, follow HIV treatment guidelines as prescribed by the concerned practitioner.