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An exclusive signature oil change provider – Jiffy Lubes

An exclusive signature oil change provider – Jiffy Lubes

Jiffy Lube is a leading oil change service provider with more than 2000 locations around the country. Jiffy Lube’s main objective is not to just provide the regular oil change service but is an exclusive signature oil change service provider who aims at providing a comprehensive maintenance that includes check, change, inspect, flush, fill, and clean essential systems and components of the vehicle. The service professionals at the oil change centers have a comprehensive checklist to ensure that the vehicle’s systems are properly checked in order to diagnose any potential problems that could affect the vehicle and cause a major lag in the vehicle’s performance.

The technicians also keep track records of the vehicle’s service history in order to ensure continued and well-maintained service of the vehicle for better performance.

Jiffy Lube’s signature oil change service is categorized into four broad categories based on the customer’s vehicle and type of usage of the vehicle. The four categories are:

Conventional oil
This type of oil service is best suited for the regular everyday driver, who uses the car for regular commute and does not involve driving in any rough/harsh terrain, does not take regular short trips of considerable distance, does not tow vehicles, and does not drive in extreme fluctuating climatic conditions. This is the conventional and regular type of oil change for regular vehicles.

High mileage oil
This type of oil servicing is designed for customers who have vehicles that have run over 75,000 miles and is a special type of service that helps to keep the engines smooth after it has been overly used. This type of service helps the engine to last longer by reducing the oil burn-off, oil leaks and gradual loss of compression.

Synthetic blend oil
This type of oil service is a mixture of both the synthetic and conventional oils and is used in order to protect the engine and amp up the performance in better grids than what conventional oil would generally provide.

Synthetic oil (full synthetic motor oil)
Integrated with the latest technology, this formulated motor oil is gaining popularity due to the better performance and ultimate protection of the engine through all types of driving terrains.

Apart from the regular oil change and oil filter replacement services, Jiffy Lube inspects the vehicle’s key components like the antifreeze or coolant reservoir levels, engine air-filtration system, serpentine belts, Brake fluid level, Wiper blades, Exterior lights, and also the chassis to ensure smooth transmission in the cars. The services also extend to checking and filling tire pressures, Transmission/transaxle fluid, Differential/Transfer case fluid, Power steering fluid, Windshield washer fluid, and Battery water (excluding sealed batteries), as well as cleaning the vehicle both internally and externally.