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An overview of the upcoming game consoles

Game consoles are popular with both children and adults. With the advent of new technology, the gamut of gaming consoles has increased. The upcoming game consoles benefit the kids with insightful, realistic and practical knowledge. Children are now busy with their new companion which is their new ‘game console.’

Many brands in the market offer upgraded gaming consoles but some of the popular brands are Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo. Sony’s ‘PlayStation’ has two versions, Slim and Pro. ‘Xbox One and One S’ is by Microsoft. ‘Switch’ is created by Nintendo.

Education Made Fun with Game Consoles

Learning geography and history has become easier and interesting with Sony’s PlayStation 3- National Geographic Challenge game. It is a great way to improve general knowledge and leads the kids to an overall learning adventure. This gaming console includes riddles, puzzles, and anagrams which make gaming and learning quite interesting for the current generation. It is a 60-minute game with 4000 questions and many videos, images related to the question.

Gone are the days when an individual read thick, fat books to improve their vocabulary. Now, software publishers have made learning more interesting by creating gaming consoles that also provide vocabulary training. Learning has become engaging and fun with ‘Wii: My Word Coach’ by Nintendo Switch. This gaming console comes with an inbuilt dictionary of over 17,000 words, which helps you enhance your written and verbal skills in a fun and easy way.

Upcoming Game Consoles: Sony’s PlayStation PS5 and Microsoft Xbox One X

The next gaming console Xbox One X by Microsoft represents a major performance boost over its predecessor Xbox One S and is geared towards people who want the best quality possible on a console. From its design to its specifications, this next game console is the most powerful. It comes with a 4K and HDR graphics which makes gaming fascinating.
Sony’s next gaming console PlayStation PS5 is the most awaited of them all which is expected to release in 2018. Very little is known about the specifications and overall development of this future game console. But it is likely to make a blasting boom in the gaming industry.

Advantages Of Upcoming Game Consoles

Latest versions of game consoles have Blu-ray players, with the help of this feature you can watch your favorite show or a movie and even listen to music without a disc player. The manufacturers are constantly updating the software to improve the console viewing and gaming experience. Online streaming is also available in most of the gaming consoles now. Also, you can save unfinished games on cloud and continue from where you have stopped.

Some of the features that you can look forward to in the next gaming consoles are longevity, VR inclusions, demo options cross-platform gaming, colossal storage, backward compatibility, etc.

There are health benefits from gaming too. Improvement in hand-eye coordination, vision, faster decision-making process, these are few of the many benefits. It may help people overcome dyslexia, slower the aging process and reduce stress.

These upcoming gaming consoles have paved the way for a brighter generation.