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Babies and constipation – Causes and cure

Babies and constipation – Causes and cure

Infant constipation is not very common. However, babies who are bottle-fed are more prone to get constipation than the ones who are on breast milk. This is because some babies might be allergic to some of the ingredients or nutrients in the formula milk. Therefore, it is important that the parents are careful if the baby has an improper bowel movement.

Doctors often suggest parents give baby food when the baby is around six months and more. There are a number of foods that cause constipation in babies. For instance, too much of banana, cereal, etc. can trouble the bowel movement of your baby. On the other hand, if you are looking for the culprit that is causing constipation in babies, it is difficult to pick the same when you have started introducing table foods.

Here are some of the causes of constipation in babies:

A change in the diet of your baby is one of the main causes that can make her bowel movement unstable. If this is the case with your baby too then, it is advisable to consult the pediatrician. As per some of the pediatricians, the introduction of cow’s milk protein can upset the baby’s stomach and cause other intestinal problems.

Check if your baby is ill
Infant constipation can result from an illness as well. If your baby is not feeling well and isn’t eating properly, then there is a possibility that he or she can have a problem in the bowel movement. In such a case, your baby’s doctor would suggest some medications that can stabilize the intestinal system of the baby.

Medications can also cause infant constipation
There are some medications that the doctor might suggest for the baby. These can be iron supplements, but a high dose of the same can lead to an improper bowel movement. It is best to consult the doctor if the baby is suffering constipation from any of the medications.

It is seen that premature babies are often susceptible to constipation. This is because the digestive system of a premature baby is not fully developed and so the problem of proper bowel movement arises.

  • Babies and constipation Some simple treatments

    Apple and prune juice can be a great relief to your baby, whenever he or she is suffering from constipation
  • For babies who eat solid foods, try giving vegetables such as broccoli, apricot, peaches, skin-pealed apples, to name a few

Keep these nuggets of information for babies and constipation handy so that next time when your baby is having trouble with bowel movement you know the cause and quick cure.