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Be healthy with Nutribullet products and accessories

Be healthy with Nutribullet products and accessories

Nutribullet has a few competitors, out of which none are nutrition extractors. Juicers and blenders are fundamentally different from Nutribullet in their functions, and the end processed food. This article examines the various products under the Nutribullet umbrella and how each has been designed and made for a very specific purpose.

Nutribullet 600
Nutribullet 600, an entry level machine, is powered by a 600-watt motor and intended as a single serve, compact, high-end blender capable of shredding, chopping, grinding, as well as acting as a nutrition extractor for smaller quantities. It comes with a separate milling blade to ensure dry grinding as well. It is slightly low-powered and the product smoothness suffers depending on the ingredients used. It comes with only one extractor blade, one milling blade and a jar of 24-ounce capacity. It is the quietest of the three models.

Nutribullet 900
Nutribullet 900 is the next higher level blender. It has a 900-watt motor, operates at higher speeds and higher capacity and gives better smoothness of the smoothies produced even with harder ingredients. It does not have a separate milling blade. It comes with 2 extractor blades and a 32-ounce jar. It is the most popular model. Latest models have redesigned the extractor blades and are able to handle ice cubes also. This model comes in different configurations: a 9-piece set, a 15-piece set which has an extra blade and a cup, and a 13-piece set which is similar to the bigger one and has one blade and one cup less. The 9-piece set is good for a tighter budget. However, overall, it’s the 15-piece set which is a better buy any day.

Nutribullet Rx
Nutribullet Rx, dubbed as the world’s most powerful nutrition extractor, has a powerful 1700-w motor and no ingredient poses a challenge to its grinding prowess. Its special feature is a built-in heater to enable the user to make soups. It is preprogrammed and affords handsfree operations.

With the popularity and rising demand of such items, accessories have also started to come along with them which increase the convenience of use. It is convenient that spares are available and critical items can be stocked earlier than the actual need. One of the accessories that come with Nutribullet products is the 24-ounce tall cup with lip ring. The set comprises of a 24 Oz BPA free Tritan cup which is dishwasher safe. With the lip ring, the same cup can be used to extract and drink from the same cup. The products are BPA-Free, durable, dishwasher safe, and allows one to extract and blend in the same cup. Other useful items are Flip top to go lid, carry bag, etc.