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Benefits of wearing diabetic shoes

Benefits of wearing diabetic shoes

Around 371 million people are estimated to have diabetes. The more alarming fact is that most of them don’t know that they have it. Moreover, this is a disease that requires regular monitoring and care.
Diabetes can happen to anyone. There are mainly two reasons. One is when the insulin in the body is destroyed due to some infection. The other is due to genetics.
Several patients choose to neglect their condition and go about life. It might not affect them much at the initial stages. However, if it is not monitored regularly it may worsen in the long run.

People suffering from diabetes are prone to common side effects. One of it is peripheral neuropathy. This causes the foot to lose all sensation. Hence, if wounded, they will not have any sensation of it. Also, their wounds take longer to heal. Thus people suffering from diabetes are required to wear diabetic shoes. Diabetic shoes should be used only after prescribed by certified professionals.

Here are reasons why you should consider wearing them if prescribed:
They Are Very Comfortable: Firstly, you can be assured that these shoes are very comfortable. They are designed to offer stability and evenly distribute your body weight. They have soft inserts which also remain in contact with the feet. These inserts absorb pressure and reduce tension. They do not strain the foot in any way and can keep you active all day.

They Prevent The Foot From Getting Bruised: Toes are generally the part of the foot that we often injure. Diabetic shoes protect the toes. This is accomplished because of the extra space left for the toes. These open toe shoes have soft cushioned footing. It prevents corns and calluses from forming. Corns and calluses often turn into open sores.

They Promote Blood Circulation: Diabetic shoes are specifically designed for each individual. Measurements of the patient’s foot are taken. Then they are manufactured to fit the patient’s foot. They provide enough space for air and blood circulation. They offer enough support to keep them balanced.

They Offer Pain Relief: These shoes offer great comfort to the patients. The shoes are made of soft and light material. They are made of the good quality material which can be used for several years. They support the weight of the patient. Even those with swollen feet.

They Can Be Bought In Many Varieties: There are people who have the wrong idea that these shoes look odd and out of place. In fact, they look just like any other shoe. They are available in several brands in different colors and models. There are dressy and even athletic shoes available online today.

A person suffering from diabetes is required to follow a strict diet plan. They should eat their meals on time. All medication and instructions given by the doctors must be strictly followed.