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Top 5 desktop PCs on the market

Top 5 desktop PCs on the market

Desktop PCs are powerful devices, and there are many reasons why you should buy one to meet your work, home, or gaming needs. The best PCs do not take much space and are typically more powerful than laptops. Often, they are also far more affordable than premium laptops and are easier to customize and upgrade. Here is our list of the best PCs to buy today.

Dell XPS 8940 Special Edition
Dell XPS Special Edition is a compact and gorgeous desktop PC. It is a highly customizable option that gives you convenience in processing power, storage space, and graphics. And with several ports to connect everything you need, it is undoubtedly one of the best PCs to buy for your workstation.

Apple iMac
The elegantly designed Apple iMac is a powerful machine and one of the best PCs to buy this year. It comes equipped with the latest Intel Core processor to make your computing experience faster and smoother. The iMac features a Retina 5K display, giving you true-to-life images ideal for photo and video editing, but is an excellent fit for any home or office too. With this PC, you also get the Magic Keyboard and Magic Mouse for a truly wireless setup.

Microsoft Surface Studio 2
The 28-inch touchscreen display of Microsoft Surface Studio 2 lets you use it as a desktop or drawing board, making it the best thing for artists and photographers. It also comes with accessories like the best-in-class Surface Pen and Surface Dial for easy drawing on the touchscreen. The Surface Studio 2 also features fast processors to handle everything from everyday tasks to demanding software.

Alienware Aurora R11
With a stunning design and powerful specs, Alienware Aurora R11 makes it to the list of best PCs to buy in the country. This highly customizable device features hardware up to Intel Core i9-10900F CPU that lets you experience the highest performance gaming. The best thing is that it can be configured affordably or with cutting-edge components. Also, there are various ports for whatever you need to plug in.

Lenovo Yoga A940
The innovative and high-performance all-in-one desktop, Lenovo Yoga A940, features a 27-inch tilting 4K display ideal for the workplace or home. The display monitor works as a touchscreen or with the stylus that comes with it. If you are a video editor or content designer, this is one of the best PCs for you. The Yoga uses 8th Generation Intel Core i7-8700k for ultra-fast performance and a 1 TB SSD to take care of all your storage needs.