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Best Free Antivirus Programs that You Should Know

Best Free Antivirus Programs that You Should Know

In a modern era where the Internet and data is everything, a computer virus can make your life extremely difficult. It becomes important to protect your computer from viruses so that you can keep your data and files safe. There are many companies that offer the best free antivirus programs when you purchase a laptop/PC for the benefit of your use.

However, in case they don’t, there is a wide range of the best free antivirus programs that are available to keep your computer safe. Antivirus programs keep running while your computer is on to ensure the safety of your files and prevent any type of viruses that might attack your computer. Here are a few of the best free antivirus programs that can be useful for you to keep your computer protected:


Adaware is one of the oldest antivirus programs that support a lot of operating computers. It has a free trial period program for you to test the working of the antivirus. Adaware performs detailed scanning and is easy to use as it is continuously running to monitor old files.

It ensures that the new files are virus free and does not consume a great deal of power. It also saves resources while playing a game or watching a movie as well.


Avast stands out in the category of best free antivirus programs as it has various extra features with the basic feature of protecting the computer from viruses. It consists of a security scanner and a password manager to prevent virus attacks. It is widely used in many companies for high-end security.

Avast automatically performs passive work on your computer while you are using it. The quick virus scan and easy virus removal features have made Avast one of the best free antivirus programs available.


Avira detects viruses with ease. This program is regarded as one of the best free antivirus programs in its own way. Once a file enters or is generated in the computer, a fingerprint of it goes to Avira. Avira then works on the file and protects it from any new or existing virus. Appropriate actions are taken by the program to avoid further virus threats.

With virus detection, Avira can also schedule a scan. It uses heuristic scan methods and manages the firewall settings in such a way that the virus is detected before any damage to files or folders is caused.


The Panda antivirus program is one of the fastest antivirus programs and scans can be done automatically and on demand. It is customizable and is regarded as one of the best free antivirus programs as it predicts any virus that can enter your computer. Any breach of data or leakage of personal information is easily identified by Panda.

There is an option of a full computer scan that analyzes your personal files. However, that can be switched off for personal security purposes. The entire program is password protected and you can avoid certain files and folders from being antivirus checked.


This is regarded as one of the simplest antivirus programs. Bitdefender gives you protection while browsing and entering passwords. The minimal design is the advantage, and you can just drag and drop the files and folders to perform a quick scan.

Many files and folders can be scanned at a single time. The speed is efficient and it gives you a control on the files you want to scan. If you find the computer running slow due to scanning, then you can pause it and continue the check after your work is done.

However certain computer experts say that free antivirus programs barely give any protection to your computers. However, they do offer certain security checks that are enough if you have a few files in your computer. The debate on free vs. paid antivirus is ongoing. If you choose the best free antivirus programs, then your computer has at least a first level of basic security.