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Bipolar disorder in children – A caution call

Bipolar disorder in children – A caution call

Parents should always keep watch over the behavior of their children and how they interact in society. If you observe sudden hikes in your child’s mood, you should start paying more attention to your child.

You may observe that your children have sudden and extreme mood changes in both positive and negative ways. Your child might get extremely excited, happy, and amazed at times, and at other times they feel extremely down, sad, and depressed. If such mood swings in your child seem to differ significantly than other kids of the same age, he might be in a condition called bipolar disorder. Despite being a severe condition, a bipolar disorder treatment is quite common. Awareness will help you to manage the condition in your child.

Significant symptoms that should strike your senses

  • Sudden and extreme mood fluctuations
  • Abnormal levels of happiness or sadness
  • Unstoppable and impulsive behavior
  • Hallucinations and voice hearing in extreme cases

Reach out to your children before they call for help

Once diagnosed with the condition, the parents should be aware of the right bipolar disorder treatment as soon as possible. If the condition is acute already, you should opt for medications that help in preventing the recurrence of manic or depressive episodes. But in general, cases where conditions are not so severe, psychotherapeutic techniques are the best way out for children, where parents play a vital role.

  • Start talking to your children more often.
  • Keep a check on your child’s activities.
  • Make sure that your children are always in stress-free environments. This plays a vital role as part of bipolar disorder treatment.
  • Gradually, start helping your children distinguish between what is normal and what isn’t.
  • Try to make the child get a grip over his or her own personality. This will require sufficient interactions, support, attention, and time. You should be able to understand what your children feel inside and make them feel confident about their recovery.

While pursuing a bipolar disorder treatment, ensure your children don’t feel that they are in an unrecoverable condition. You should be there by their side all the time and give them the confidence they need.