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Buying boxing shoes for beginners

Buying boxing shoes for beginners

Boxing – the sport of passion. Speed, form, endurance, agility and thrust, all these start with one little thing. That’s right – boxing shoes.
Boxing shoes provide support, stability and let you move around the ring more fluidly. Your reach and balance also depend on these. These shoes provide stability to the boxer and can influence your game- it’s the littlest things that count. Consider your own boxing style and preferences before you go out shopping for a pair.

You should also take into consideration the material as well. Good material can provide breathability to your foot and enhance comfort. As a rule of thumb, boxing shoes are generally tighter and stiffer than regular shoes. Here’s how you buy a good pair of boxing shoes, especially if you’re a beginner.

Visit a sports supply store
A good sports store will have a range of boxing shoes. These are usually kept separate from the rest. Don’t confuse them with wrestling shoes since these provide more traction. Ask a shop assistant for help.

Shop for light shoes
Your boxing shoe should be light and breathable. Look for boxing shoes created from suede and leather, with a rubber outsole. The rubber outsole should let you get a good grip on the mat for easy maneuverability. Ensure your heels feel light since your movements will be originating from the balls of your feet most of the time. Your boxing shoes should help you, not hurt you and can change the way you move in the ring.

Shoe preferences
You can get either high-top or low-top shoes depending on your preferences in the ring. Low-top shoes bear a certain resemblance to high-top sneakers. If you are looking for smooth and quick maneuvers, get low-top shoes.

On the other hand, if you need a faster foot and greater ankle movement, buy high-top shoes. High-top shoes don’t give much ankle support though and that’s something to keep in mind when you’re trying on.

Try it out
Pick a size that’s close or the same as your shoe size. Boxing shoes should be narrow and tighter than regular street shoes. Rise onto your toes and bounce a couple times. Check out the shoe size and make sure it’s a snug fit.

If your shoe feels comfortable doing that, then it’s a good pick. Avoid shoes with wayward tags and uncomfortable arches. If there are any nuances you don’t like, choose another pair since the smallest issues can cause trouble in the ring. Never buy without trying them out.
Aim for boxing shoes that are functional and comfortable. Although style doesn’t hurt, you’ll give priority to performance, so make your choices based on your needs in the ring.