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Career paths with a biology degree

Career paths with a biology degree

If you happen to fancy the multi-layered dynamics of the flora and fauna, then opting for a biology degree is the most feasible choice for you. The subject of biology is equally interesting and complex. If you’re wondering what kind of professional options one has with a biology degree, here are some career routes that you can possibly take.

Environmental Biologist
If you are drawn towards nurturing the nature, you can take up a major of environmental biology during your undergraduate studies. As an environmental biologist, you can explore your options in marine biology, wildlife conservation, botany, climate change, restoration of natural habitats, zoology and agriculture. You can further elevate your portfolio by studying a post graduate program, which can aid you in finding research opportunities.

You can blend you love for biology and education by being a lecturer for a university program. As a professor, you can constantly reinvent the learning experience of students. You can do this by conducting thought-provoking seminars and field work projects. Working as a professor will also give you an opportunity to develop and publish your research paper. If you want to prepare to be an educator make sure that you explore additional post graduate options after your bachelor’s degree.

The study of microbiology is without any doubt one of the most important branches of science, as their work and discoveries play a huge role in medical inventions. A microbiologist, mainly in a health oriented setting will help find and scrutinize organism behavior, as well as benefit in the alleviation of dangerous viruses and bacteria. If you choose to be a microbiologist you’ll get an opportunity to work in research facilities, hospitals, and medical schools.

Forensic Scientist
If you are curious person with an alert mind and degree in biology, then a job of a forensic scientist is enough to keep you engaged. A forensic scientist studies samples, especially coming from a crime scene to gather substantial evidence. Your job will involve analyzing biological specimens and genetics. After your bachelor’s degree in biology, you can further study a master’s degree in forensic sciences.

Nurse or Physician Assistant
Your biology degree can be an asset if you are considering being a nurse. Since you studied most of the courses during your degree it will be an easy transition for the training process in a nursing school.
Physician assistant on the other hand is working with a licensed doctor or a surgeon in a medical team. As a physician assistant, you will perform various diagnostic and treatment tasks under the supervision of a senior medical professional. To get into PA program you will need certain prior experience in the healthcare sector.

You can find more information on these possible career options online, which can help you pave your professional trajectory.

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