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Carhartt Jackets: More than just your regular jackets

Carhartt Jackets: More than just your regular jackets

Carhartt is a clothing company based in the USA that majorly deals with work clothes. Jackets made by this company is popularly known as Carhartt Jackets.

Types Of Carhartt Garments
Popular types of Carhartt Jackets include:

  • Shells

The tightly woven 100% cotton duck fabric leaves no gaps where the yarns interlace which makes it wind and snag resistant.

  • Linings

Carhartt offers multiple linings for its outerwear for you to choose depending on the weather conditions, and activity.

  • Rainwear

With its best quality and durability, Carhartt provides jackets which keep you dry and warm during the wettest days and nights.

Choosing The Right Carhartt Lining
Carhartt uses 7 different types of lining for its product line, and each lining is dependent on the conditions that you may experience. They are:

Flannel Lined
This lining will ensure warmth no matter what temperature or environment you’re working in. It’s quilted to a layer of polyester insulation for extra warmth. This is one of the softest and most comfortable linings, Carhartt has to offer.

Thermal Lined
Carhartt Thermal Lined clothing is the thinnest and least warm lining Carhartt makes. It’s a very soft and comfortable lining and you can wear them in all seasons.

Arctic Quilt Lined
Carhartt Arctic quilt lined ensures maximum warmth when it is too cold outside, and you’re planning to go out.

Blanket Lined
This lining is excellent for active work. If you’re working an entire day, while wearing Carhartt blanket-lined clothing you will feel like you’re wrapped up in a flannel blanket and you’ll stay comfortable and warm, all day.

Quilted Flannel Lined
Carhartt quilted flannel lining provides a terrific amount of warmth without being very bulky. However, because of its construction, the Carhartt Quilted Flannel Lined clothing is very thick, and is sure to keep you warm even in the coldest environments.

Fleece Lined
Carhartt fleece lining makes it ideal for winters if worn with a sweatshirt or thermal underwear. This lining is slightly softer, and more flexible than the Carhartt thermal lining and if you can layer it properly, you can wear it even when it’s freezing outside.

The New Arrivals
If you’re looking for Carhartt jackets, here are some the latest choices that you have:

  • The Shoreline Jacket: Men’s, heavy duty, waterproof, breathable, rain jacket.
  • Crowley Jacket: Men’s, heavyweight, softshell jacket.
  • Force Extremes Shoreline Angler Jacket: Men’s, waterproof, breathable, water repellent, fast dry, lined fishing jacket.
  • Shoreline Vapor Jacket: Men’s, lightweight, waterproof, breathable, rain jacket.
  • Full Swing Briscoe Jacket: Men’s, lightweight, water repellent, multipurpose jacket.

So, next time you need to buy a jacket, make sure to get one of these based on your needs and requirements.