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Cat guide 101

Cat guide 101

Pets are just like kids, unpredictable. If you are a person who has a lot of pets at home, these are a few things you’d relate to. But if you’re new to this, well here are a few cat questions answered for you, to make taking caring of them simpler.

Cats are a bit pricey, and if you want your cat to love you, you need to be just as pricey. Look away, avoid all forms of eye contact. It’s a general thumb rule, ego. So, if you look away and the cat wants your attention, you know it will by itself coming running towards you. They don’t take rudeness very well, so make sure you pet them.

The moods of a cat are usually set by it’s tail. You can know the cat is happy if the tail is upright and slightly moving. A low tail would show you signs that attention that is needed. A swishing tail would be more on the lines of I’m on the prowl’ so let me be. Don’t be taken by surprise if your cat’s behavior changes in no time. You are to be certain that you missed a tail movement.

Pain is normal, and chronic pain in cats is very common. Most often, people miss to notice that their pet is in pain and cats are masters in hiding their pain. A cat not jumping, or not using the litter box would be the most obvious signs that something is wrong. If they’ve become more aggressive than they usually are, or have secluded themselves, you need to notice them properly and rush them to your vet. These signs might be causing them a lot of pain and relief would certainly do them well.

There are different types of litter for cats, and there is a particular type they prefer. Now most people might think that well scented ones would work best, but it’s actually otherwise. You definitely want to keep your cat from dirtying the house, so keep the litter box in a place the cat would prefer.

Add no liners, and clean the litter box often. You can in that way save them from the infections and all the pain they would have to go through.
Cats being finicky is scary, and you want to do everything to avoid that from falling on you. Cats don’t like trying too many new things, and once they get used to something, they stick by them. Avoid making too many changes to their diet.