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Cell Phones That Every Senior Citizen Should Have

Cell Phones That Every Senior Citizen Should Have

No matter what age you belong to, cell phones have become an integral part of life. Amidst all the brand’s new and cutting-edge technology used in the cell phone, there is hardly any mobile manufacturer that offers senior citizens with user-friendly free cell phones. For this very reason, the seniors must have free cell phones with simpler features because most of them find it hard to adjust to the technologically advanced devices.

Why do the elderly people need cell phones?

The advantages of owning a cell phone is as follows.

  • The senior citizens are in need of free cell phones on a large scale because, in case of an emergency, they can get medical assistance faster. Hence, it can be said that the mobile phones act a sense of security in their lives
  • Cell phones are cheaper than landlines which leads to savings on a large scale
  • The mobile phone can provide entertainment to the elderly people
  • They are not pushed to the pit of isolation as they can communicate with their family and friends with an easy touch
  • Cell phones with a good plan makes the device more useful

Why were the current phones disliked by most of the senior citizens?

There are several factors that restricted senior citizens to step into the era of smartphones.

  • Shape and size
    The large sized smartphones did not become too popular among the elderly community as the senior people find them too uncomfortable to handle.
  • Buttons
    The rubbery, small buttons were not preferred by most of the senior citizens as they usually provided complex functions. The elderly people generally preferred buttons made of metals which can be pressed and clicked with ease.
  • Colors
    Color is not generally a huge determinant among the senior citizens; however, they seem to dislike the phones with neon or bright colored external bodies. They find something that can be easier to find even among all the little-scattered things in a living room or a purse.
  • Display
    The senior citizens usually like to use the cell phones with a large display where they can read the texts and emails without straining their eyes. The problem with the current mobile phones is that the backlight turns off in the middle of reading texts. The special cognitive processing in their phones can ease the process of composing texts or dialing numbers.

Free cell phones that every senior citizen should Have

The free cell phones for seniors are becoming popular in the market as the manufacturers have come to the realizations how these devices are helpful for them. Here are few of the cell phones mentioned with unbelievable features.

Jitterbug Samsung SCH-100 Cell Phone

  • To keep in mind how senior citizens dislike certain feature and specifications in the mobile phones, this product can widely become handy for them
  • The golden ager can call 911 in case of an emergency by only touching one specific button
  • They can even call the phone operator with the press of a certain button at any time of day or night
  • The direct dial button in middle is personalized thinking of the needs of the retired people
  • The loud and powerful speaker helps the people to listen to the phone ringtone at once

Jitterbug J- Flip Phone
The features of this device are similar to that of the previously discussed Jitterbug phone. However, there are distinctions in some of the features.

  • If the elderly people dial 0, they contact the live operator of the manufacturing company, Jitterbug
  • In order to check the texts easily, a large screen is provided
  • Without adding too much of playfulness of algorithm into the phone functions, there are only ‘no’ and ‘yes’ options
  • The bright backlit helps enhance the cell phone experience for senior citizens as they can identify the buttons. This helps them to use the device without any problems

With the growing technological development, it is hopeful that there are efficient free cell phones yet to merge in the market. Apart from only calling or texting, the senior citizens would love to experience something better with regards to entertainment, current affairs and a lot more for their regular use.