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Choose the Right Apple iPad for You

Choose the Right Apple iPad for You

Apple iPads are considered as one of the best tablets on the market right now because they deliver a classy performance and are quite sturdy. According to industry experts, there are hardly any other tablets that can compete with Apple iPads when it comes to its features and design. There is no doubt regarding the fact that iPads are way costlier than other tablets but they do provide value for money. iPad, iPad Pro—this iPad is available in two sizes—and iPad Mini are the three iPads available nowadays. Which one is best for you can be decided based on what you want from your iPad and the amount of money you are willing to spend.

iPad Mini
iPad Mini has a screen size of around 7.9 inches and comes in three colors—gold, silver, and space gray. It has a storage capacity of 128GB with a RAM of 2GB. It has an 8 MP rear camera and 1.2 MP front camera. The camera quality of this tablet ensures crisp and clear pictures. Some additional features include Bluetooth and dual stereo speakers. This iPad has a refresh rate of 60 Hz and the brightness is around 450 nits.

The iPad is the base model of Apple iPads and is now being manufactured with a screen size of 9.7 inches. This tablet is available in four colors—space gray, gold, rose gold, and silver. This iPad packs the sophistication of Apple with a decent screen size, good performance, and an A10 chip. It also has an 8 MP rear camera, while the front camera is 1.2 MP. Additionally, it has 2GB of RAM, a hard drive of 128GB, and a refresh rate of 60 HZ. This tablet also has a good battery, which allows you 9 to 10 hours of standby. If you can find Apple iPads for sale, you should definitely consider buying this simple piece of technology which is incredibly awesome.

iPad Pro
The iPad Pro is available in two sizes, which are 10.5 inches and 12.9 inches. Both of these are different in multiple levels, including storage capacity (three options in both), battery, and even weight. The 12.9 inch is the higher-end version and has better features. Therefore, if you do not mind spending a little extra on your tablet, you should consider the newest iPad Pro because it offers a lot of better options with some difference in the price.

You can choose the one that suits your requirements best; you can purchase these from online and even brick and mortar stores. You can even check the Apple iPads for sale as you will be able to get a great deal and save on your purchase.