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Choosing the right area rugs

Choosing the right area rugs

The first thing that a person must know before buying an area rug is that measurements are the key. You don’t want a big rug that covers more than the needed area. The rug should fit perfectly like a glove. Now, thinking about choosing area rugs for your home? Here are some of the things that you should know before buying your area rugs. Take a look!

When you are choosing the shape of your rug, don’t be afraid to try different shapes that aren’t rectangular. You can go with round area rugs as they are quite popular. It is believed by most of the people that rectangular area rugs suit any type of home decor. But this is not the case. The shape of your rug must match the shape of the furniture around or on it. You can try something a bit different such as faux animal-skin shaped rugs.

Choosing the color of your rug is another dilemma. The best advice you will get is to follow a 60-30-10 rule, where 60% is the color of the walls and the largest piece of furniture. The 30% color palette comprises the furnishings of the rooms such as the rugs, cushions and curtains. This should ideally compliment the dominant color palette. The final 10% is an accent color, which falls within the spectrum of the two color palettes. This accent color should complement both the dominant and the secondary color palette.

The best time to go with patterned area rugs is when your room has bold single or monochromatic colored walls. Patterns always light up the room, so it is essential to have patterned area rugs to add some drama to the room. However, when you have designer walls with patterns and contrasting designs, going with a subtle pattern or single color rug is the best choice.