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Church chairs –types and factors to consider for selection

Church chairs –types and factors to consider for selection

Church chairs have become an integral part of several public spaces. The designs, styles, and patterns of these chairs have evolved. Choosing church chairs is dependent on two factors: the number of people that would be using them and the frequency of use.

Types of church chairs
There are different styles and types of Church chairs to choose from such as custom upholstery and embroidery chairs, Gangling chairs, chairs with book racks, metal frame chairs, wood frame chairs, stackable chairs, chairs with and without arms and pulpit chairs. The traditional styles are simple ones which are a continuous row of chairs finished with wooden frames also known as pews. The style and design of chairs used in churches have changed with time. The contemporary style of some church chairs available, make them perfect for worship and other events as well.

Factors to consider when choosing a church chair

Keep in mind the following points when selecting the right chairs for your church.

  • Back rest: The back rest is one of the most important criteria to consider. A chair with a straight back should be avoided since it does not provide a proper contour support and strains the back.
  • Comfortable seat: The chair should have a strong, comfortable and stable seat. The chair should be able to withstand heavy usage and therefore must be durable.
  • Frame requirement: A solid metal chair frame is a better choice than a wooden one as it is super-sturdy. It is also important to note that the frame is adequately and thoroughly covered by foam or a similar type of padding to ensure comfort.
  • Price: The cost of a church chair would depend on the material used to make it. Good quality chairs might be a bit more expensive, but they are undoubtedly tough and long lasting.