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Must-have pieces of clothing for every woman

Must-have pieces of clothing for every woman

As much as most women love to keep up with the latest trends, there are certain women’s clothes which never fall out of fashion. As your fashion needs change, it is important to research the basics of fashion to include in your wardrobe for years to come. These clothes must be comfortable to wear and complement your body shape and style. Needless to say, these are the building blocks of every fashionista’s wardrobe.

So, before you buy short term fashionable pieces, make sure your wardrobe has these essentials.

Leather Jacket
Just like your favorite pair of jeans, a leather jacket can be paired with almost anything. With cool summer nights, this is the perfect time to carry a leather jacket.

Ballet Flats
When you are in need of something more formal than your everyday sneakers, then the flat ballets are the best thing to put on. They are more comfortable than high heels but just as versatile. Ballet flats can be worn with almost anything- it can make your little black dress look cute, and your distressed jeans will look chic. Even though nude and black are the most versatile colors, you can choose snakeskin, leopard-print, or even sequinned flats.

Black Blazer
Invest in a black blazer that will make you feel comfortable and look gorgeous. This is because you are going to have this blazer for years. A black blazer is adaptable, you can wear it to work, and then dress it down with a pair of jeans to a casual party. Pair with a pencil shirt and tailored shirt to create a professional look. Wear over a fun tee or a maxi dress for a cool summer evening party.

Correctly Fitting Bras
As a woman, you already know that the right sized underwear can transform your entire outfit, making tops and dresses look and feel better. The right underwear will not pull or bunch up, and the straps will stay in position without riding up. A snugly fit seamless t-shirt bra might be your best bet, and it will look smooth under the well-fitted tops. Consider a nude shade as it will not show through any white colored or light fabrics. Get fitted once a year by the professionals.

White Tee
No matter whether you are a college student or a mature professional, you must own a white t-shirt. You can wear it with jeans, under sweaters, with skirts, almost anything you can think of. Even though the white t-shirt is a casual outfit option, paired with formal outfits, they can look very smart. They should be soft and offer a relaxed fit without being too tight or loose. Wash separately from coloreds to ensure whiteness for a long time.

With these clothing additions to your life, you have the key to a versatile wardrobe that works: adaptability. With the addition of accessories and key fashion items, you can create a plethora of outfits, and will always be in fashion.

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