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Comfort that adjusts to your needs

Comfort that adjusts to your needs

Customization is the order of the day nowadays. Every consumer demands every commodity to be adjusted to their specific requirements. This is because, with competition soaring in the market, a certain demand if not met by one manufacturer, can be met by another. And this need for personalization has affected modern beds as well. Read on to know more about such unique furniture and Craftmatic adjustable beds.

What are adjustable beds?
To keep it simple and comprehensible, adjustable beds are primarily used as hospital beds to feed the patient while he or she is lying down on the bed. They are essentially full-sized beds with two hinges in between them which allow the user to bend the bed according to his needs. The beds are supported by wheels at the bottom to smoothen the bending procedure. Hence, as the name suggests, the beds are adjustable. A few common adjustments are included below.
Adjusting to incline the upper part or raising the lower part independently.
Adjusting the height and tilting of the bed to raise the upper body or the lower body to make Trendelenburg positions.

Demand for adjustable beds
As mentioned before, these beds were first made for hospitals to feed the patients. As soon as the manufacturers saw how the benefits of adjustable beds could cater to the needs of not only patients but also normal families, they expanded their production. In this competitive market, Craftmatic adjustable beds have especially gained a huge market share. With forty years of manufacturing experience under its belt, Craftmatic has created beds that promise exclusive comfort and functionality.

Benefits of getting an adjustable bed
The only part of the population that is unaware of the benefits of an adjustable bed is the one that has never seen such a bed. So here are a few reasons why an adjustable bed can be extremely convenient. If you like reading a book before going to sleep, a flatbed is very uncomfortable for holding the book properly. For bookworms, an adjustable bed can be tilted upwards by the upper part independently. This allows the person to place his book or laptop on his lap and read. Similarly, most of you might have a television set on the opposite side of your bed. Watching television before going to bed is a common habit of many, and adjustable beds can help in this case also.

Are they affordable?
Though adjustable beds are not exactly pocket-friendly for the average American, Craftmatic adjustable beds offer a lot of discounts throughout the year. You simply have to keep an eye out for lucrative offers or sign up for emails and newsletters.

Additional benefits
Craftmatic has not stopped after manufacturing their traditional adjustable beds. They are constantly innovating with features like rising adjustable pillow, remote control, and child safety lock with extra night lights underneath the bed. Considering the discounts they offer and the many advantages of such beds; this investment is a worthy one.