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Different types of nail diseases and their causes

Different types of nail diseases and their causes

There are many kinds of ailments that may affect a person, and many of them occur when he or she ignores the care and hygiene of that body part. Nails are one of the most delicate regions of the body, and they are the most susceptible to fungal growth and many other kinds of infections and diseases. Such situations call for immediate medical attention for treatment of finger nail fungus, or any other kind of nail disease that the patient may be suffering from. So here are a few common nail diseases that can affect the nails.

Paronychia: When the nail folds suffer from infections due to the entry of various kinds of fungus or virus, this is known as Paronychia. This condition happens when there is a crack or a break in the folds of the nail, the nail plate or the surrounding tissue as well. This calls for immediate treatment of the nail fungus with nail fungus remedies like anti fungal medication.

Pseudomonas: This is a bacterial infection that affects the nails, and can be cured with the use of anti bacterial topical creams as nail fungus treatment. This infection usually occurs between the nail plate and the nail bed of the nail. It is caused by any form of common mold. Further, discoloration of the nail plate and the nail folds is one of the main symptoms of this kind of bacterial infection.

Onychatropia: This happens when a part of the nail plate begins to waste away due to disuse and lack of proper hygiene. In such cases, the nail may shrink or fall off entirely. This kind of condition is usually seen in the little toe. There are many remedies for nail fungus of this kind. The causes may be injuries and disease.

Onychauxis: This is a condition that causes the nail plate to become too thick. If you are facing this problem, then you will need to see a doctor immediately for treatment for nail fungus, as this condition is usually caused by internal problems.

One should not ignore any persistent changes in the nails as these may also occur as the symptoms of other conditions.