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Creating an ambient restaurant – From restaurant chairs to everything else!

Creating an ambient restaurant – From restaurant chairs to everything else!

Entertainment is a major industry that is defined by a number of activities and pass times. Going out to a restaurant is a normal activity that is a part of this niche. People eat out almost every day and even go fine dining for special occasions. A restaurant is a place where one looks for some ambient value along with good food and a good time.

There are many things that contribute to the ambiance of a restaurant. The furniture, like the tables and restaurant chairs, as well as the theme, decor and lighting, play a large role in defining how the dining experience turns out. If you already own a restaurant or are toying with the idea of starting one, then read on to know how you can create the right ambiance for your restaurant.

Concept and theme
Every restaurant inherently has a concept. This has become better defined in recent times with the advent of larger-than-life branding. It has given rise to niches within a concept. For example, fine dining is a concept. But today, one can render a theme like Oriental or Sushi fine dining to the same concept. This makes for a more defined element as far as the ambiance goes. The concept will define the theme and its rendition in terms of the menu, the decor, the lighting and even staff training.

The decor of the restaurant follows as soon as the concept has been decided. The theme will decide what kind of an ambiance will be created by the decor. If the theme is a slightly edgy one with fusion food, then bright colors and quirky pieces like cartoon sketches on the restaurant chairs and similar graffiti on the walls would be an ideal touch. If the restaurant is all about fine dining, then a more soothing and elegant touch will be required for the restaurant chairs and other furniture of the space. Also, one will have to plan the structural and art installations along with the windows and doors so that there is plenty of natural light even as you opt for a lounge-like luxurious setting, irrespective of the theme at play. The decor will become one of the defining features to represent the brand of the restaurant.

Staff and training
A vital part of the restaurant, apart from the menu and the decor, includes the staff. The training of the staff including the chefs, managers, waiters and bus boys should be done in the best way possible. Not only should they all be aware of the menu and the concept of the restaurant, but they should serve without disrupting the personal time of the diners, even as they instantly come forth at the slightest indication of any help required at a table. Also, being polite yet firm should be the traits of the staff of a good restaurant for a good dining experience.